A note about training: Dogs and puppies are not pre-programmed. It takes time and effort to establish boundaries and teach new behaviors. Training should be an ongoing part of your dogs life. I would love to teach your dog how to learn and teach you how to communicate with your puppy but there has to be a level of commitment on the other end of the leash. Please contact me with any questions!

Board and Train

Board and Train programs are a way to really give your dog or puppy a strong foundation for training. 2 and 4 week programs are available. While your puppy stays with us for the duration of their sessions, they will stay in our home and be treated like one of our own. Working with force free techniques, your puppy will learn how to learn. Foundation behaviors include crate training, sit, down, place, and loose leash walking. With several training sessions per day, they have the opportunity to practice good behaviors in many different environments. We start in quiet, calm, and less distracting locations, and slowly move to areas with more distraction as they are ready. Follow up sessions are provided to help transition good behaviors to their home.

$2000 for 2 weeks

$4000 for 4 weeks

Day Training

Day Training is available for those who still want to work on training with their puppy and are prepared to put in some time on the off days during the week. Your puppy is picked up and dropped off on the days assigned and taken out for training and an enrichment walk. Training is done in the environment and tailored to an individuals needs. Enrichment walks are provided to help blow off some energy and allow a dog to just be a dog! A combination of mental and physical stimulation leads to a well rounded, satisfied dog! This is available only to dogs who have done lessons or a board and train program with me.

Session: $85/day.

1 on 1 Private Lessons

1 on 1 private lessons are available to those who have the time to put in the work on their own but are struggling to get started or need a little guidance. The beauty of private lessons is that we can work on what YOU and your puppy or dog needs. We don't have to follow an outlined curriculum like group classes. We can work on basic manners such as crate training, sit, down, come, and walking nice on leash. We could also focus work on husbandry skills like handling, bathing, nail trims, and ear cleaning. Or, we could do some of both!

Session: $125/session.