Socializing your puppy is not about letting them play with other puppies or dogs. It is about experiences! Specifically, it is about creating as many positive experiences as possible in the first 16 weeks of life. The critical socialization period for puppies is the first 16 weeks. After that time period, we are working more with behavior modification (teaching them how to respond to unfamiliar things). By the time most of us get our puppy at 8 weeks, half of that time has passed. So this gives us just 8 weeks to shape their future! Puppies are like sponges. If they can experience 100 (or more!) new sights, sounds, smells, people, and things during this time, they will be more confident than a puppy who is kept in a bubble during that same time. The benefits of Puppy Adventures are endless. A controlled, force free environment allows your puppy to put his or her best paw forward!

Puppy Adventures

Puppy Adventures are half-day trips out to help socialize, exercise, and provide enrichment for your furry friend. Excursions include pick up and drop off at your home so it is convenient for families that are gone during the day, or are busy working from home. Trips will vary from day to day based on the needs of each dog. Some examples include hikes in the woods, swimming, group play, trips to pet friendly stores, walks downtown, and more! Puppy adventures may not be suitable for dogs or puppies that are extremely fearful, or have shown aggression towards dogs or people. Ideal for puppies under 6 months of age. Space is limited! Available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Enrichment Adventures

Enrichment is important in the lives of our dogs. It allows for species specific behaviors to be practiced in controlled environments. Behaviors like barking, digging, sniffing, and running have been selected for and bred into certain breeds of dogs. Allowing them to practice these things creates a healthy mind and body. It reduces stress, anxiety, and general boredom. Enrichment adventures are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Space is limited!


Solo Walks

Solo walks are for those dogs who need a little me time. Solo walks are a typically 1-1.5 hrs. They will still get all the benefits of physical and mental stimulation, without needing to be social with other dogs. Walks may be on wooded trails, in downtown areas, or local neighborhoods.


$40/session for 30 min walk.